Impacts of Corona on the Environment

Deserted streets can be seen in most of the lockdown implemented countries. Pubs, Bars, shopping malls, theatres, schools everything has been closed and people are warned by the authorities to stay in their homes. The government is taking more stringent measures to control Covid-19 and to reduce the death toll. Till this moment more than 10,000,00 people have been sickened and over 53,000 have succumbed to this pandemic virus.

Ironically, the world has witnessed certain positive outcomes over this novel Coronavirus. Researchers state that the air quality has improved by 22 percent since lockdown. Satellite images that were released by NASA show a sudden drop in the toxic Nitrogen dioxide which is emitted from industries, power plants, and vehicles.

Studies show that the Ozone layer had started healing itself since Covid-19 lockdown. Human activities for the past few decades had caused depletion of the vital Ozone layer. This self-recovery has hindered many hazardous changes in the earth’s atmosphere which could have jeopardized the whole world.

Consequently, there is a major improvement in air quality since the lockdown. Transportation, factories, offices, shops, and airports were shut down over the past few weeks. This has caused a massive difference in the quality of air which has curtailed the pollution rate. Environmentalists say that the pollution rates are expected to decline further in the coming days.


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