What is Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) Operation and maintenance?

OFC maintenance includes Patrolling which is done for preventing cable damages along the cable route on a fixed Backbone or Strech. Splicing is done when a fibre is damaged or cut. Concrete Chambers are installed foreseeing the issues which can occur in the spliced part and rectifying the same. DPRs or Daily Patrolling reports are updated daily and submitted.

What is the cost of laying underground OFC cables?

OFC laying cost in India is Rs 900 per meter at an average, the price will deviate in accordance with the depth.

What is the cost of OFC Splicing in India?

Splicing is done when a fibre is cut. The cost is Rs 200 at an average. If a fibre inside the chamber is damaged, the restoration charge will be approximately Rs 30,000 for 48F fibre.